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How can I erase fine lines?

Wrinkled and loose skin is a problem that affects nearly all adults, and the cure to tighten your skin has been searched for since before the time of Cleopatra. In ancient times people cared almost as much about their appearance as they do now, and they went to great lengths to provide the best anti-aging and skin tightening agents as possible. The ancients knew that by tightening the skin with solutions and even "snail slime" (ewe) that the skin would tighten up and remain tighter longer with different substances.

In modern times our scientists and skin beauty enthusiasts have gone back to their roots numerous times to dig up the processes of the past. Some of the best products have also came from recent years with the advent of Botox. Botox is in fact a form of poison (as most chemicals are), except Botox is a skin tightener that is injected into the skin, and not taken orally. Botox tightens your skin by...

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